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At Resilience Corporate Yoga, we understand that the key to any successful, profitable organization is the health, engagement and well-being of its people.

That’s why we offer wellness programs to help reduce stress and overwhelm and increase engagement and productivity using science-backed techniques and strategies that are realistic and accessible.


We help keep your people healthier and more productive and make your job easier!



Kim Gorab is a New Jersey based Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Certified Meditation Teacher and the President & Founder of Resilience Corporate Yoga. 


Kim spent 20 years working in a corporate environment for an Asset Management firm in NYC and knows firsthand the effects that workplace stress can have on our physical and mental well-being. Her goal is to bring wellness and mindfulness to the workplace and help high-achieving, busy professionals reduce stress and overwhelm and increase focus, engagement, and mental clarity for a happier and more productive work experience.

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

Certified Meditation Teacher

20 Years of corporate experience

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